1. Complete these sentences with comparatives. Use the adjectives in the box.
-----> quiet - bad - exciting - old - far - happy.

1. Her CV says she is only twenty - three years old. I thought she was older.
2. This cafe is very noisy. Can we go somewhere quieter?
3. That film sounds really boring. Murder city sonunds more exciting.
4. My job is quite good. It could be a lot worse.
5. You seem Happier today - you looked quite sad yesterday.
6. The house was farter from the station than I thought.

3. Complete these sentences with superlatives. Use the adjetives in the box.

1. This jacket cost $350. It was more expensive one in the shop.
2. August is usually the hottest month in th UK. The temperature goes up to around 24°C.
3. Sam is the tallest boy in the class. He is nearly two metres tall.
4. Tis is the Fastest car I' ve ever had. It goes from 0 - 100 kilometres per hour in seven seconds.
5. Michael is the more friendly man I' ve ever met. He loves to meet new people.

4. Complete the sentences using one of + a superlative + in/of.

1. It was vwry hot day. It was one of the hottest in the year.
2. Susie's a very good swimmer. She's one of the best swimmer in Scotland.
3. Harry's an intelligent boy. He´s one of the most intelligent is school.
4. It´s a very old house. It´s one of the oldest house in the town.
5. It was a bad shock. It was one of the worst in my life.
6. Marcos is a really brave soldier. He's one of the bravest in the army.

5. Add a word each sentence to take it correct.

1. Do you know why he isn't home yet?
2. Do you know If can I pay by credit card?
3. Can you tell me were I can find a garage?
4. Can you tell me whose car this is, please?
5. Do you know what time the next train for the Manchester leaves?

6. Ask about the following things using DO YOU KNOW...? or CAN YOU TELL ME...?

1. Do you where find where cheap hotel?
2. Can you tell me internet cafe where ir near here?
3. Do you Know how much taxi to the airport?

7. complete the sentences using the words or phrases below. There are four extra words.

-----> intelligent - reliable - brave - challenge - achieve my goal - skills - torch - tent - scissors - shelter.

1. John likes to have a new challenge to stop him getting bored.
2. Oh no! My torch isn't working. Iforgot to get new batteries.
3. My car is very reliabe. It never breaks down.
4. I´d like to achieve my goal of cycling across Germany by the end of next year.
5. Have you got any scissors? I want to cut this string.
6. What are the main skills that you need to survive in the desert?

Total English - Pre intermediate - page 44

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