He was Born in November 1946 in Ataco (Tolima, Colombia), Manuel Elkin Patarroyo Murillo is the author of the first synthetic vaccine created in the world for the prevention of malaria and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the agency that gave the patent.

This vaccine has already been successfully tested in more than 40,000 people in areas suffering from the disease as an epidemic (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil and more recently in a number of African countries).

Malaria is a tropical disease that kills annually between 3 and 5 million people, causing between 300 and 500 million clinical cases in the world.

The vaccine Patarroyo acts against one of the most virulent forms of this disease (scientifically known as SPf66), and has been shown to be effective for between 40 and 66 percent of adults in 77 percent of children under five years .

In addition, Dr. Patarroyo has been for the past twenty years a prominent researcher of other diseases and the possibility of obtaining new synthetic vaccines (something that Scientific did not expect to achieve by the year 2025).

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the National University of Colombia, extended his studies in Immunology and Virology in the United States. Creator, en 1984, He was a Director of the institute Hospital San Juan de Dios in Bogotá
Now He is a teacher in Nacional University and teacher in the Rockefeller University de Nueva York and Estocolmo University (Suecia).
Despite offers to work in research centers around the world, decided to settle in his country, Colombia, working with a small interdisciplinary team, and with too few resources to reach articulate a large research group.

The school where he led currently working near 160 investigadores- has trained several hundred scientists. Lecturer in more than half a million international symposia and in a number of symposia and congresses is the author of nearly two hundred scientific publications.

Patarroyo has been awarded a National Science for the Third World (1990), the Robert Koch Prize of the Foundation of the same name (Germany, 1994) and Leon Bernard (WHO, 1995), among others. It honorary doctorate by several universities, including the Complutense de Madrid, the Laguna in Tenerife and the National University of Athens.
Since 1991 is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Physical and Natural Madrid and since 1996 Academic Honor from the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery in Galicia.

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